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Recruitment: E-commerce sales manager

Position monthly salary: 6001-8000 yuan/month Work location: Dongguan

Work experience: 3-5 years minimum education: college

Job Responsibilities:

Through the "telephone + interview" sales model, fully understand customer needs, provide timely solutions, and reach long-term cooperation with customers.

job requirements:

1. 21-25 years old, college degree or above;

2. Have more than 1 year of sales work experience;

3. Strong learning ability, responsible, and able to withstand strong work pressure;

4. Constantly demand and improve yourself, and dare to challenge higher positions;

5. Love Internet business, willing to work in the Internet industry for a long time;

With a strong desire for success, the courage to challenge yourself and the challenge of high salaries, Global Trade provides you with a broad platform.

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