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About Us About us

Enterprise spirit: unity, dedication, pragmatism, innovation

Corporate slogan: Create a national brand and share it with the world

Development concept: high starting point, high speed, high efficiency

Work philosophy: practical and realistic attitude, fair and selfless handling, resolute style, one-step awareness, never-lost spirit, and courage to carry heavy burdens.

Business philosophy: research the market with global concepts, integrate the market with connection concepts, judge the market with long-term concepts, and test the market with the concept of benefits.

Management philosophy: unity of thought to drive unity of action, action to promote quality improvement, quality to drive management improvement, management to drive efficiency improvement

Employee philosophy: Putting morals first and entrusting important tasks; employing the right people and making everyone the best; survival of the fittest and development of the strong; focus on motivation and outstanding contribution

Service concept: For your satisfaction, we wholeheartedly

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