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EPE125 PE Foam Crusher Granulator
  • EPE125 PE Foam Crusher Granulator

EPE125 PE Foam Crusher Granulator


Kind reminder: PE Foam Crusher Granulator may have many models as per your different capacity is aimed at and many possible functions may add in. At request. Our most popular model is EPE125 PE Foam Crusher Granulator.


 Key point is with a foam crusher built in. The crusher blade is big and thick (2 cm), serves also as the densifier, too. Much bigger capacity is increased and the operator's job is also much easier and much faster. 

 The shortcoming is the blade not sharp, can not crush film. If you also need to recycle PE, PP film, please add an energetic crusher.   

Key points:

1) Screw and barrel:Diameter: 125 mm. Length: 2.1m, of 38CrMoAlA + nitride

2) With independent cabinet

3) Main motor 37 KW + no inverter

4) Crusher motor: 15 kw + no inverter

5) Heating: 15 kw, total 4 zones

6) Stainless water channel length: 2m long

7) Single degasification hole.

8) Filter exchange station: Electrical driving single filter.

9) Actual capacity: 130 kg/ hr

10) Power supply: 380V, 3 hots, 60 hz. With grounding. 

11) Installed length: 10.5m

12) Net weight: about 2.7T

Site service:

  Free of charge. However the costs of round trip air tickets, eating and accommodation shall be at the buyer’s account. (This suggestion aims at minimize the Buyer’s related costs). 

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