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How to define plastic machinery Date:【2020-07-15】 Read【320】Times 【Print】 【Back

The quality, output and cost of plastic semi-finished products or products are directly affected by the perfection of plastic machinery, so they must be able to adapt to changes in temperature and stress during plastic compounding and processing, as well as changes in the properties of molten materials caused by them, and adapt to chemistry

Special conditions such as corrosion and mechanical wear. In recent years, the specialization of plastic grades, the development of engineering plastics, the emergence of composite materials, the development of technologies such as large-scale, lightweight and thin-walled plastic product structures have required plastic machinery to achieve: for product production

Completed for the purpose; high speed, labor saving, and automation to improve product production efficiency; guarantee the precision of product specifications and quality errors with minimum error; low energy consumption, less floor space, easy and safe operation and maintenance

    According to the production process of plastic products, plastic machinery can be divided into four categories: plastic compounding machinery, plastic molding machinery, plastic secondary processing machinery and plastic processing auxiliary machinery or devices. Plastic compounding machinery is used to manufacture all kinds of plastic compound, including

Including kneaders, plastic mixers (open mixers and internal mixers), pelletizers, screening machines, crushers and grinders. Plastic molding machinery, also known as plastic primary processing machinery, is used for the molding of plastic semi-products or products, including compression molding machines, injection molding machines, extruders,

Blow molding machine, calender, rotomolding machine, foaming machine, film blowing machine, etc. Plastic secondary processing machinery is used for the reprocessing and post-processing of plastic semi-finished products or products, including thermoforming machines, welding machines, heat sealing machines, hot stamping machines, vacuum evaporation machines, flocking machines, printing machines

Wait. Metal processing machine tools are also commonly used for secondary processing of plastics. Plastic processing auxiliary machinery or device is used to realize the rationalization of the plastic processing process, including automatic metering and feeding device, edge scrap automatic recovery device, automatic injection product removal device, injection mold

With rapid replacement device, injection mold cooler, automatic thickness measurement device, raw material transportation and storage equipment, etc. This type of auxiliary machinery or device has become an indispensable part of modern plastic processing automation.

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