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The present situation and trend of packaging and printing industry in China Date:【2020-07-15】 Read【219】Times 【Print】 【Back

According to market research, my country's packaging companies are relatively small, and industry concentration will gradually increase. The packaging industry in developed countries has a high concentration, and large packaging and printing outsourcing service companies are deeply involved in customer product development, design, logistics and other aspects to provide customers with comprehensive solutions. At present, there are only a few domestic service organizations that can provide large-scale brand owners with comprehensive packaging and printing solutions. From the perspective of international experience, the development of the packaging industry usually requires a few steps of small-scale decentralized production, large-scale centralized production and overall packaging and printing service professional outsourcing.


   China's packaging industry has huge market capacity and continues to grow rapidly. According to the statistics of Beijing Zhongjing Xianli Investment Consulting Center, the market size of my country's packaging industry in 2011 was about 150 billion US dollars, accounting for 25% of the world. The average annual growth rate of the industry in 02-09 is 20%, and it is conservatively estimated that it will maintain a growth rate of about 15% in the future. We judge that the market concentration of my country's packaging industry will gradually increase, based on the "2014-2019 Packaging" released by the China Report Hall

The equipment industry development prospects and investment strategy planning analysis report pointed out that the development of the packaging industry?



   The scale effect of the packaging industry is outstanding, and the scale advantage of large enterprises will continue to strengthen;


   1. Appreciation of RMB and rising labor costs will accelerate the upgrading of my country's manufacturing industry, the packaging industry supporting it will also be upgraded, and small and medium-sized packaging factories will be forced to withdraw from the market;

         2. Increasing environmental protection requirements have led to continuous progress in packaging materials and processes, such as the lightweight trend of beverage packaging, and some companies will be eliminated in the process of technological and equipment progress;

   3. The demand for product packaging in the upgrade of consumption is also being upgraded, and the share of small and medium-sized packaging enterprises will also be squeezed;

Under China's unique financial system, it is difficult for small enterprises to obtain external financing to expand production capacity. Large enterprises, especially listed companies, are more likely to obtain low-cost funds for rapid expansion, especially if listed companies can rely on over-raising huge amounts of capital? Gold, to make way for rapid expansion.

    Packaged goods are an indispensable part of the circulation of goods, and the downstream involves various industries such as clothing, food and beverage, tobacco and alcohol, electronics, home appliances, and electromechanical industries. According to the volume, it can be divided into micro packaging, light packaging, heavy packaging, etc.; according to the packaging materials, it can be divided into paper packaging, plastic packaging, metal packaging, glass packaging and other packaging, accounting for 39% and 30% respectively , 18%, 7% and 6%. Heyin Packaging is currently mainly engaged in the packaging service of paper packaging materials, accounting for 39%

According to calculations, China's market size in 2011 was US$58.5 billion.


Enterprises with unique competitive advantages and easy-to-copy business models can sustainably grow. The trend of increasing industry concentration has begun. In this process, companies that have formed a strong competitive advantage in certain sub-sectors and whose business models are easy to replicate have the potential for rapid expansion.

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