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Drawing die machine Date:【2020-07-15】 Read【640】Times 【Print】 【Back


     Stretch film machine is mainly used to produce unidirectional stretch polyethylene plastic film (stretch film, stretch film) and cling film. It consists of three parts: main machine, auxiliary machine and electric control.


1. The T-shaped die head adopts a special double-throttle design to make the thickness of the film material more accurate at high speed.

2. The screw is designed with special mixing function and high plasticizing ability, which surely melts the pellets and increases the uniform color and extrusion amount.

3. The temperature control adopts advanced automatic control system, which can accurately control the plasticizing process, adjust the thickness and flatness of the film.

4. The thickness control of the film material adopts screw adjustment and variable frequency speed regulation traction, which can accurately control the thickness of the plate.

5. The diameter of the cooling roller is 350mm and the dual-circuit cooling system, combined with a microcomputer mold temperature controller to accurately control the temperature of the cooling roller, so that the film material is flat and uniform in thickness.

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