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Brief introduction of two cooling methods for film blowing machine Date:【2020-07-15】 Read【274】Times 【Print】 【Back

Brief introduction of two cooling methods of film blowing machine

The film blown by the film blowing machine is suitable for various high-quality film packaging. This film has good barrier properties, freshness, moisture resistance, frost resistance, oxygen barrier and oil resistance, and can be widely used in light and heavy packaging. Such as various fresh fruits, meat products, kimchi, fresh milk, liquid beverages, medical supplies, etc. There are two cooling methods for plastic film blowing machines: external cooling and internal cooling.

1. The external cooling method is a relatively early method. Under the action of the cooling ring, the cooling air is released on the ring along the extrusion direction and the outer surface of the film bubble to produce uniform cooling air around the ring. Inside the cooling ring, the air in the upper port is exhausted at a faster average speed than the lower port. Ensure that the shape of the bubble is consistent with the cooling ring of the air, thereby increasing the average flow rate of the air, thereby improving heat transfer.

2. Internal cooling can be achieved directly by cooling the film bubble. Because the air velocity in the bubble is relatively low and irregular, external cooling dominates. In order to ensure the quality of the film products during the blow molding process of the film blowing machine, the stability of the film bubbles before the film formation must be considered, so as to effectively control the pass rate of the products. The output of blown film by the blown film machine is not only limited by the bubble, but also by the cooling system of the blown film machine. A sound cooling system requires a reasonable configuration and stability of the film blowing machine.

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