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Baojia packaging machinery for you to answer the frequent problems and solutions of film blowing machine Date:【2020-07-15】 Read【344】Times 【Print】 【Back

Film blowing machine-poor heat sealability of film-bone bag machine
1. The dew point is too low, the polymer molecules are oriented, so that the performance of the film is close to the oriented film, resulting in a decrease in heat sealing performance; Solution: adjust the amount of wind in the air ring to make the dew point higher, as much as possible in the plastic Expand the inflation and traction at the melting point to reduce the molecular stretching orientation caused by inflation and traction;

2. The inflation ratio and traction ratio are not appropriate (too large), the film is stretched and oriented, which interferes with the heat sealing performance of the film. Solution: The inflation ratio and the traction ratio should be appropriately smaller. If the inflation ratio is too large and the traction speed is too fast, the transverse and longitudinal stretching of the film will be excessive, then the performance of the film will tend to stretch in both directions. The heat sealability of the film will deteriorate.


Film blowing machine-unstable bubble

1. The extrusion temperature is too low, and the output is small; Solution: Adjust the extrusion temperature;

2. Interference and interference from strong external airflow. Solution: obstruct and reduce the interference of external airflow.

3. The air volume of the cooling air ring is unstable, and the bubble cooling is uneven. Solution: Check the cooling air ring to ensure that the air supply volume around is uniform and the same;

4. The extrusion temperature is too high, the mobility of the molten resin is too large, the viscosity is too small, and it is easy to fluctuate; Solution: adjust the extrusion temperature;


Film blowing machine-rough surface of film, uneven

1. The extrusion temperature is too low, and the resin plasticization is poor; Solution: Adjust the temperature setting of the extrusion and increase the extrusion temperature appropriately to ensure good resin plasticization. Common faults and solutions of the film blowing machine

2. The extrusion speed is too fast. Solution: properly reduce the extrusion speed

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