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The method to solve the problem that the sealing of bag making machine is brittle or even brittle Date:【2020-07-15】 Read【338】Times 【Print】 【Back

There are several reasons for the result that the seal is brittle or even brittle:

● After the plastic composite packaging bag is cooled and placed, the heat sealing strength is increased, and it may also cause brittleness;

● The silicone rubber at the bottom of the bag making machine is too hard;

● During compounding and curing, a part of the adhesive penetrates into the film. The base material is affected, resulting in a decrease in toughness (impact resistance) and increased brittleness;

● The edge of the upper sealer of the bag making machine is too sharp or the coated PTFE is damaged;

● The heat sealing temperature is too high or the pressure is too large or the time is too long;

 The methods to solve the problem of brittle or even cracked sealing are as follows:

● Covered well with Teflon cloth;

● Choose the proper processing temperature, pressure and heat sealing time according to the heat sealing characteristics of the material of the inner sealing layer;

● Choose silicone rubber pad with suitable hardness

● By improving the surface condition of the heat sealing knife on the upper part of the bag making machine, the surface of the sealer is smooth;

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