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Packaging machinery will be autonomousDate:【2020-07-15】 Read【153】Times 【Print】 【Back

In the main tasks of industrial adjustment and revitalization identified in the State Council's "Adjustment and Revitalization Plan for Equipment Manufacturing", it is clearly stated that nine major industries, including light equipment, including packaging equipment, should be seized.

The 13th Five-Year Plan Report on Packaging Equipment shows that the introduction of foreign capital for "achieving the autonomy of my country's packaging machinery and equipment" makes it easy to see the introduction of foreign capital, which has led many national brands to be controlled by foreign capital. Where will the dignity of famous national brands be placed in the country for a long time? For a long time, Chinese product research and development have been criticized by foreigners as "plagiarism" and "imitation." The dignity of the Chinese people has been wiped out and their faces are not saved! We should not hardly read from this, the good intentions of the State Council. At the same time, as a practitioner of the packaging and printing industry, it applauded the introduction of the State Council's "Adjustment and Revitalization Plan for the Equipment Manufacturing Industry" and an industry that "should seize the nine major industries including the light industry including packaging equipment and realize the autonomy of China's equipment" Guidance tends to applaud.

 "Gui" is the world's second largest packaging country. In high-tech packaging materials and packaging equipment, there is still a gap with developed industrial countries. China's packaging machinery industry has great development potential. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, future microelectronics, computers, industrial robots , Image sensing technology and new materials will be more and more widely used in packaging machinery.

According to the policy analysis of my country's packaging equipment industry, the rapid development of the global and Chinese packaging industry has drawn a beautiful blueprint for the p

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