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How to operate PP blowing machine to save electricity Date:【2020-07-09】 Read【331】Times 【Print】 【Back

The transformation of pp film blowing machine manufacturing machinery technology will promote the development of the plastics industry. For a long time, the plastic industry has relied on advanced foreign machinery and equipment and imported foreign technology, which will increase the production cost of the plastic industry and plastic machinery industry. The development of plastic machinery intelligent models can not only improve the performance of film blowing machines, but also reduce costs and working hours, thereby significantly improving the status quo of the plastics industry. Intelligent manufacturing equipment refers to an intelligent system where mechanical equipment has perception, analysis, decision-making and control of the outside world. The application of this intelligent mode enables the PP film blowing machine to have sensing and temperature control sensor coefficients, which can effectively and automatically run, and the film blowing machine has prevention and detection functions.

The production process of pp film blowing machine is as follows: First, the dried polyethylene particles are added to the lower hopper; then the particles enter through the screw of the hopper according to their own weight; when the screw contacts the inclined edge of the thread, the rotating inclined edge produces a vertical The thrust on the inclined edge to push the particles forward. During the pushing process, the plastic melts due to the friction between the plastic and the screw, the plastic and the cylinder, the collision friction between the particles, and the external heating of the cylinder. The machine head filters the molten plastic to remove impurities from the mold, and rolls the finished film into a cylinder by cooling, blow molding, and the like.

Electromagnetic heating (IH) technology is a new type of high-frequency heating technology. Through the research and development of scientific researchers, energy-saving and environmentally friendly high-frequency heating systems are produced, and the heating efficiency is increased to 90%. According to the installation and testing of various plastic processing enterprises, the energy-saving and environmentally friendly high-frequency heating system has obvious energy-saving effects on plastic processing enterprises, saving 30%-70% of electricity. Fully embody its energy-saving advantages, save a lot of electricity costs for plastic processing enterprises, improve production efficiency, improve the workshop environment, thereby directly reducing indirect production costs.

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