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18 - year experience. Focus on plastics machine.

The World 500-Strong-Enterprise's partner

Dongguan Baojia Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. devotes herself to design, manufacture and sell: HDPE/LDPE Film Blowing/ Co-extrusion Machine, PP Film Blowing Machine, Flexo Printing Machine, Gravure Printing Machine, Bottom Seal Bag Making Machine, Perforated Bag In Roll Bag Making Machine, Auto T-shirt Bag Making Machine, 3-Side Seal Bag Making Machine, Plastic (EPE) Recycling Machine, etc. We supply good machine and complete plastics film & bag making solution. Our Company provides installation, training and after-sales service. A complete 1-stop service. More than 1,000 successful deals have done. We have many buyers at home and abroard.


Elite R & D team to fulfill customized requirements

Elite R & D team to fulfill customized requirements

We have a top R&D team, well experienced manufacturing staff and a strong sales and after-sales team. We may fulfill customers' different inquiries and meanwhile to improve ourselves. At the same time, we may also help customers analyse the market, solve technical problem and increase their profit. Baojia dream: Customer's success is Hong Wang's final success.


Cost is minized to give you a great buy!

Cost is minized to give you a great buy!

Baojia Packaging Machinery has been optimizing every step of material procurement, production process and packaging. Material procurement cost is reduced by 10%. Labor cost by 20%. Material cost by 5%. Packaging cost by 30%. Meanwhile we do mass production to greatly improve production efficiency. The Buyer's buy price is reduced. Meshing with the company's quality management system, your great buy is insured.


Strong capacity, 25-day delivery

Strong capacity, 25-day delivery 

Baojia Packaging Machinery owns a standard factory, occupying field of 20,000 M2. She has a wide range of Drilling Machine, Milling Machine, fine CNC production equipment, related top professionals and standardized systematic inspection tool. Batch production to realize great buy. 25-day quick delivery can do and meanwhile to insure every machine is of top quality.


Live quality monitor. Your buy rests assured

Live quality monitor. Your buy rests assured.

Quality is Baojia life. Establish a strong sense of quality and quality concept. Ensure every production step to be within the company's quality control system. Put the promise of "every set is a master piece" into practice.


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Chinese plastic machinery leader

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Dongguan Baojia Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Baojia Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the center of the World Factory - Dongguan city. Dongguan [dong goo'an] is located between Guangzhou and Shenzhen city, occupying the throat position between the 2 Economic Highlights. Its manufacturing industry is well developed. It is in the center of the Penisula City Agglomeration and it is an important junction of the National Strategic Economic Zones, with developed economy and conv.....

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A 三层共挤流延膜机,聚丙烯流延膜生产工艺   塑料流延机、三层共挤薄膜流延机、挤出机头宽度1.3m、螺杆直径……


A 缠绕膜机与其他箱包包装机不同,缠绕膜机在包装过程中可以节省更多的劳动力。 缠绕膜机不需要预制袋,只需卷绕成……


A 今天所说的缠绕膜机是指拉伸薄膜包装机。本机的清洗可分为外部清洗、标识前清洗和组装前清洗。缠绕膜机上常见的污垢是油、碳、氧……


A 单层共挤流延膜机是一种挤出吹膜,一般生产膜用于普通塑料包装,根据原料,有PE吹膜机、PP吹膜机、PVC吹膜机等。吹膜机的……


A PE农地膜是季节性PE农地膜吹膜机生产的塑料制品。棚膜和塑料薄膜是两大主要品种。它们的生产旺季分别在秋季和春节。塑料薄膜生产季节为6-12月,为越冬大棚生产季节,1-4月为春棚生产季节。塑料薄膜生产季节,9-12月生产储备季节,1-5月产销……

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